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Incentive Grants Research of Teaching and Learning (GIPP)



Incentive Grant for Research in Teaching and Learning (GIPP) is an incentive to fund research activities UPM academic staff who contributed to the development and excellence in the quality of teaching and learning.

This initiative grant will indirectly apply a culture of innovation among academic officer UPM. It promotes academic officials to try different teaching approaches in turn create a reflection on the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Research results not only can be used as a basis for strategic planning related to teaching and learning, but it is a material that can be circulated scientific.

1. Encourage efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning through research activities.
2. Contributes ideas and expertise in the development / establishment of policies related to teaching and learning.
3. Fostering cooperation, commitment and enhance skills in the areas of teaching and learning.
4. Increasing scientific publications related to teaching and learning among academic officer UPM.

Criteria for applicants:
1. All academic officer UPM eligible to apply. Applications can be done individually or in groups.
2. Each Principal Investigator may only submit one (1) application for each year of the opening of the application GIPP. However, new applications are allowed if the progress of the previous research has reached 70%.
3. Officer class academic contract, must collaborate with researchers permanent.
4. Academic Officer of non-citizens, obliged to collaborate with researchers with the status of citizens and permanent

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