» CPD2018: 13 March

CPD2018: 13 March

Course Name:


Course Duration: 1 day training (6 hours)


Course Synopsis


Twenty-first century academics need to be creative and innovative in teaching, learning and assessment which in turn impact student learning outcome in a meaningful way. The core of SoTL requires academics to engage themselves in scholarly teaching and share their findings in their quest to seek new pedagogical knowledge. This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of SoTL. It also explores and shares some examples of starting a SoTL project. The course will then provide insights into the design of a SoTL project.


Course Objectives


Upon completion of the course, the participants are able to:

  1. define SoTL;
  2. understand the concepts and process of SoTL;
  3. describe examples of SoTL projects;
  4. design a SoTL project within the context of their areas of expertise.


Course Content


  • Definition and concepts of SoTL
  • The importance and advantages of SoTL
  • SoTL for career advancement (Teaching pathway)
  • SoTL process
  • Designing a SoTL project





Deputy Director (Academic Staff Development)
Centre for Academic Development (CADe)
Universiti Putra Malaysia
T: 03-8946 6044 E: suluan@upm.edu.my

Dr. Wong Su Luan is a Professor at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Currently, she is attached to the Centre of Academic Development as the Deputy Director (Academic Staff Development). She is responsible for the initial preparation and continuing professional development of all academic staff at UPM. She has more than 20 years teaching experience in educational technology, teacher education and teaching methods; and regularly conducts teaching and learning related training courses for academics. Apart from being passionate about teaching, she is also active in other service related to teaching and learning, including serving in curriculum review committees for both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in UPM. She also regularly provides her expertise to the Textbook Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

She is also an active and passionate researcher and has published in more than 200 scholarly papers with a special focus on teaching and learning. Dr. Wong is currently the Senior Associate Editor of the Asia-Pacific Educational Researcher Journal (IF=0.58) published by Springer. She is also the Associate Editor of the Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning (RPTEL), the official journal of the Asia Pacific Society of Computers in Education (APSCE). She is also one of the Associate Editors for Jurnal Pendidikan Malaysia. She currently sits on various editorial boards of local and international journals such as the Malaysian Online Journal of Instructional Technology, Malaysian Journal of Educational Technology (my.JET) and the International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education (IJQRE) published by Inderscience. She also regularly contributes her expertise as a journal reviewer for Educational Technology and Society (1.066), RPTEL and IJQRE; and as programme committee member for various conferences such as the International Conference on Computers in Education, a prestigious conference affiliated to APSCE.

In recognition for her active role as a scholar, she was elected as an Executive Council member for the APSCE in 2006, a post that she still holds until today. In 2011, she established a Special Interest Group — Development of Information and Communication Technology in the Asia-Pacific Neighbourhood under the auspices of APSCE to bridge the research gap between scholars from developing and developed countries. Her hardwork and dedication to serve the research community has led to a highly coveted association to APSCE as the President for 2016-2017.


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