» CPD2018: 28 Nov

CPD2018: 28 Nov

Course Name:


Course Duration: 6 hours


Course Synopsis


This one-day practical workshop provides a holistic view of the pedagogies related to conducting a postgraduate supervision workshop.  In this workshop, we will discuss key components of each topic listed below, consider delivery techniques, address potential concerns and co-construct foundational knowledge to benchmark with international best practices. Participants will have the opportunity to practice delivering sessions and to receive peer feedback.


Course Objectives


By the end of the course, it is hoped that participants will be able to:

  • Consider practical techniques to deliver supervision workshops.
  • Identify resources to support supervision training programmes.
  • Identify international best practices in supervision.
  • Relate knowledge of doctoral student learning to modes of supervision.
  • Reflect on ethical practices related to the practices of supervision.
  • Identify strategies to support doctoral supervisors.


Course Tentative


  08.30-09.00 : Registration
  09.00-10.00 : Changing Context and Developments in Doctoral Supervision
    Supervision as Teaching
    : Graduate Outcomes
  10.00-10.30 : Break
  10.30-11.30 : Lead Practices in Supervision
    : Negotiating Co-Supervision
  11.30-12.30 : Supervisor Student Concerns
    : Expectations in Supervision
    : Learning Agreements
  12.30-14.00 : Break / Lunch
  14.00-15.00 : Providing Develomental Feedback
  15.00-16.00  : Assisting Students with the Writing
  16.00-17.00 : Developing a Vibrant Research Culture
    : Peer Cohorts





Cert in Edu (MPSK), Dip ESL (UM), B. Ed (TESL) (UPM),
M.A (Eng) (UPM), PhD (Otago).
E: vijay.mallan@otago.ac.nz


Dr. Vijay served as an Associate Professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications, Universiti Putra Malaysia before taking up a position as the Deputy Head of Department, Higher Education and Development Centre, the University of Otago in New Zealand. Dr. Vijay has extensive experience internationally in both teaching and academic development through consultancies in research-intensive universities.

Dr. Vijay earned his PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Otago in New Zealand. His research interests are in post-graduate development, feedback practices, doctoral examination, and academic well-being. He has published on aspects of doctoral education in reputable international journals such as: Teaching in Higher Education, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, Quality in Higher Education and Reflective Practice. A taxonomy of supervisory feedback practices he developed from the lens of pragmatics has been cited widely and is used by top-ranked universities to guide postgraduate supervisors to provide quality feedback.  Dr. Vijay’s  book entitled Doctoral education in international context: Connecting local, regional and international perspectives is regarded as a handy resource for supervisors internationally. The book provides international perspectives on issues in doctoral supervision and how supervisors can better support their students’. Dr. Vijay is also lead author and Chief Editor of A Handbook for Postgraduate Supervision which was commissioned by the Malaysian Deans of Graduate Schools and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Malaysian universities use this handbook as a resource for postgraduate development programmes.

Dr. Vijay has presented at more than 70 international conferences on aspects of doctoral education; the most recent ones being invited to present at the Oxford University, Imperial College, London and University of Tokyo. He is invited regularly to conduct doctoral supervision programmes internationally (Australia, Estonia, Sweden, UK, India, Japan and Norway) and has conducted supervision trainings in all the Malaysian IPTA’s.

Dr. Vijay is an executive member of the International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN),  a distinguished scholar of the International Institute of Qualitative Research (Canada),  a national committee member of the  Australasian Higher Education Research and Development Society and an invited member of the Professionals In Doctoral Education Network based in Vienna.


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