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Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning Course Series 1/2020


SERDANG, February 10, 2020 - A total of 63 academic staff (including 11 language teachers - CALC) have successfully attended the Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning Course (Kursus Asas Pengajaran, KAP) Series 1/2020 held from February 3 to 10, 2020 at the Al-Farabi Seminar Hall, Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM.

KAP is the training modules for new academic staff under the UPM Academic Transformation Program organized by the Centre for Academic Development (CADe) in collaboration with the Registrar Office. This six-day program exposes participants to a wide range of teaching and learning (T&L) topics from education philosophy until supervisory aspects.



As a complement of the course, all participants will be evaluated through assessment activities; Teaching Observation and also Teaching Portfolio within one semester and will be monitored and evaluated by their designated mentor.

The program as a whole is intended to help the lecturers to enhancing the latest knowledge and skills in teaching and learning in higher education especially to adapt with the academic ecosystem at UPM.




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