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National Academic Award




Academic scholarship in various fields in the country's Higher Education Institutions (Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi, IPT) has been recognized nationally and internationally. Among the national level awards are the Merdeka Award, National Literary Award, Maal Hijrah Award, National Sports Award, Malay Academic Achievement Award, National Scientist Award, National Innovation Award, Langkawi Awards, National Intellectual Property Award, National Artist Award, and Toray Foundation Award Malaysia for Science and Technology. Meanwhile, international ratings include the ISESCO Literacy Prize, Al-Khawarizmi Award, Carlos J. Finlay Prize for Microbiology (UNESCO), Young Scientist Award (UNESCO), King Faisal Award, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Awards, International Innovation and Technology Exhibition, Wharton-QS Stars Award - Reimaging Education and The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds.

Malaysian scholars have embraced the nation's name through various outstanding achievements in high impact research and publication, the creation of quality original works, the best of art and creativity, the commercialization of excellent research and teaching products. Hence, since 2006 the Ministry of Higher Education (Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi, KPT) has introduced an award-winning scholarship known as the National Academic Award (Anugerah Akademik Negara, AAN) which fully recognizes the success of Malaysian scholars.

The AAN is a platform for recognizing and honoring national academics who have embraced Malaysia in various fields of knowledge. In this respect, the award is the highest level of recognition for Malaysian scholars who are or who have served in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (IPT) based on their contribution in the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Discovery of knowledge
  • Scientific and creative writing and publishing
  • Transfer and development of knowledge


Category of National Academic Awards


The National Academic Award is the highest annual award which includes seven (7) major categories, namely:

  1. National Academic Figure Award / Anugerah Tokoh Akademik Negara
  2. Journal Publishing Paper Award / Anugerah Penerbitan Makalah Jurnal
  3. Book Publishing Award / Anugerah Penerbitan Buku
  4. Product Innovation and Commercial Award / Anugerah Inovasi dan Pengkomersialan Produk
  5. Art and Creativity Award / Anugerah Seni dan Kreativiti
  6. Teaching Award / Anugerah Pengajaran
  7. Expert Academic Award / Anugerah Ahli Akademik Harapan


A Election Committee appointed by the KPT is responsible for assessing the achievement, excellence and academic leadership of the candidate. Winners will be selected among academics who excel in their respective fields based on the contribution of knowledge and academic recognition.


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