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Vice Chancellor Fellowship Awards - Teaching Category




The Vice-Chancellor Fellowship Awards – Teaching Category (Anugerah Fellowship Naib Canselor - Kategori Pengajaran, AFNC-KP) was formerly known as Putra Teaching Award (Anugerah Pengajaran Putra, APP). It was an initiative initiated in 2007 to give recognition to UPM's academic officers who exhibited excellence and high innovation in teaching and learning thus uplifting the profession of lecturers. The AFNC-KP also is a ways for identifying UPM candidates for the Teaching Category, the National Academic Award (Anugerah Akademik Negara, AAN).




  1. Encourage and nurture innovation and creativity in the teaching and learning process among UPM lecturers.
  2. Improve the use of a variety of methods and practices of excellent teaching and learning based on Student-Centered Learning.
  3. To acknowledge UPM's academic officers who have demonstrated high marks of excellence in innovation in teaching and learning development.


Group of Nomination


AFNC-KP nominations are made according to the following group (based on the National Academic Awards Group, Anugerah Akademik Negara, AAN).

  1. Pure Science
  2. Applied Science
  3. Health
  4. Engineering
  5. Literature and Social Science
  6. Applied Arts and Applied Social Sciences



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7 Oktober 2021

Pelawaan Pencalonan Anugerah Fellowsip Naib Canselor (Kategori Pengajaran) 2021 (AFNC-KP 2021) Universiti Putra Malaysia


Pencalonan AFNC-KP 2021 kini dibuka. Tarikh akhir penghantaran borang pencalonan adalah selewat-lewatnya pada 31 Oktober 2021.


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